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Synchronicity is these answers to what we deeply ask for.

“Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened to you” are not only words that are taught in the Sunday, Saturday, Friday or whatever day of the week schools. These are a true reality. And the more you begin to understand this process of causality between asking, wishing and receiving, the more you will understand the apparently inexistent causality in some cases that we do call coincidence.
The scientific attempt to explain what coincidence really is, is called “Synchronicity”. This term was apparently first introduced by Carl Jung in the 20s, though some other scientist tried to explain this concept before him, like this zoologist who explained the occurrence of coincidences by a sort of repetitive cycle of situations destined to “gather identical things and people”.
On his side, Carl Jung studied and explained this as the result of some occurring events that first seem unrelated in terms of causality and that can’t be explained, at least with the existing means. Yet, there is an apparent simultaneity between the events in the sense that they seem to have a identical purpose.

Synchronicity is a result of the Natural Life Process.
In the word synchronicity, there are the Greek roots sun (with) and khronos (times), which then give a better idea of what coincidence are made of: gathering and time. But here is the Cambridge dictionary definition of synchronicity: the happening by chance of two or more related or similar events at the same time. And another non-sourced definition:  simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Synchronicity is the result of the Natural Life Process.
Credit image: Pixabay.

James Redfield, author of the Celestine prophecy, dig deep into this concept as well, giving it a spiritual dimension, and relating it to an earthly mission that each individual is meant to achieve. In his definition of this concept, synchronicity is nothing but a Universal sent guide to lead to the fulfillment of this mission.
In a more pragmatic version, you have a Natural Life Process made out of cycles, vibrations, particles. This Natural Life Cycle is also made out of causality and of certain complementarily. In this purpose, you have a billion of complementary existing situations and things and thoughts: female and male, light and darkness, cold and heat … as well as need and the existence of what might match this need in the nature.  This Natural Life Process is also made out of logics but most of all it is made out of common sense. This is why when a living being is hungry, it looks for food, when the climate is too hot or too cold, it looks for a warmer or cooler environment, and the example of this kind are numerous. And no matter how human beings try to complicate it over centuries through deep philosophical, religious or conceptual approaches, this Natural Life Process has always been, is and will always be of the purest and most implacable logic and common sense. In its very basic approach, whatever you need or look for naturally has its answer somewhere in the nature and in the Universe.

Universe helps those who help themselves.
But now, in the basic common sense which composes this Natural Life Process, there is the concept of efforts. In this concept we all as living beings, have our own efforts to make before getting or receiving what we are looking for. It is when you go shopping to get the food that you will need in the coming hours or when you stand up and go to the kitchen to feed yourself. This is also when some animals are hibernating or flying on hundred miles to for hotter climate.
If the Universe has the answer to any question and some proposals of realization to some quests, these are our parts of efforts that it will never do in our place. In this optic, as far as our earthly mission and personal goals are concerned, our efforts consist is first identifying the nature of our mission (mainly what we are meant to do, to become and to bring to humanity through a personal, social or professional way) and second, it consists in thinking about the strategy to fulfill it. There is a third and important step which consists in “doing-as-if”. None of these three capital steps is more important than the other one, but actually the “doing-as-if” step is the one that triggers all the rest. It is the step which gives the signal to our brain that it is now time to open the doors towards what we looked for and to move into higher gear.
All the rest is the Universe’s part. There still are to in-between personal efforts we need to provide though: 1) learning to read the signs and 2) seizing the opportunity that the signs tried to bring us.

This is the triggering step because in doing-as-if, you symbolically tell your brain that you are stepping in. No matter if it is not for real, the brain doesn’t really make the difference. When it sees that something engaged towards one direction, its works is to execute it fully with all the possible means existing. And this is where both your brain (the two hemispheres) and the Universe work on together, your brain as the Executive Manager looking for the tools, the ways and the means, and the Universe, as a giant resource of it all, sends you back through your brain, through your feelings and intuition, the direction and the indications. Now, there is something additional besides this that the Universe is sending, and this is what we call coincidences.
Now, I say Universe when it could be God, Allah, Krishna or any other Supreme Universal Power you are in deep accordance and connection with.
Actually, to say it in the shortest way, coincidences are the result of a deep conscious or unconscious question or request. These are more than simple signs. Coincidences often make us feel somewhat of deeply troubled at the moment. These are the moment we should ask ourselves what do this coincidences answer to, what is the message it gives us. Now, being aware of this fact is not enough.

Coincidences are the result of a deep conscious or unconscious quest.
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Little aside concerning dreams and coincidence.
Now, I am a big sleeper, hence a big dreamer. And I dream of people I know and of people I don’t know (when my brain plays it scenarist). I have dreamt of situations I lived and of some I never did. And I always find it exciting when waking up, to understand the meanings of these dreams I made. By the way, know that the dreams also are a mean for your brain to show you an indication, to bring you some answers or to catch your attention on something. It is one of the available communication means of your brain when it tries to communicate with you, believe it or not.
Now, making premonitory (which is my case) are not what explain the coincidences, at least I do not think so. For instance, there are sometimes when the dreams I make about some people seem so real than when waking up, I have the impression to just really come out of the situation I just dreamt of. And these dreams often stay in my mind for days. There are times when, the dreams are so obsessing during the day that I often plan to call the concerned person... depending on the relationship I have with the person, I might call immediately or later, knowing that sometimes calling someone (especially from the opposite sex and especially if this is someone I am not necessarily in close relationship with) to inform them that you dreamt of them, might have the embarrassing consequences that you guess. But what happens is that sooner or later and in a way or another, I get in contact with them in the coming days. And then the dreams I made about them make perfect sense. It was either because something had happened in the period I dream of them, or because there was something I needed to know about them in a certain way. And this “something” was often related to my personal goals or questions.
Now is it necessary to make the difference between the person in your dream as the person s/he is in the real life, with something about her/his evolvement or situation that is related to your inner quest, and between the person in your dreams which represent or symbolize something to you. I guess the difference is in the way you feel when awakening up, but you actually feel the difference.

Synchronicity: how it works.

Synchronicity requires a certain deep connection to oneself and to nature.
Credit image: Pixabay.

Well, I am tempted to say that everything around us actually is synchronicity. I am deeply convinced that besides the “surprising” coincidences, there always is in each discussion, fact, situation, email, book, whatever, a sign, an indication towards our personal goals which might not be as troubling as coincidence as we know it, but which is anyway meant to give us an indication. Our deep desires and wishes are linked to a place, to some people to some situations and there a millions way to get there and to reach these people. Coincidences as we know it are only a few parts of them.
Now, note that when discussing or hearing successful or important people telling the way they began their business, adventure or story, there always are some situations of coincidence, be it in the choice of the direction or in the people they closely were in interaction with.
How does it work? Well, it works in the simplest possible way. When you have a deep quest concerning something in your life, and when you “clear” your mind enough to make room for the coming answers and indications, they come in various forms including synchronicity.
This is magic and terrific to the point that when it happens, one often takes some seconds to consider the possibility of what has happened. It might be people that you meet “by chance”, occasions, situations, etc. which all are linked in a way or another to your inner quest.
What happens next is that you need to take the contact with these situations. For instance, if it is someone, no matter how important s/he might be in your opinion, synchronicity made you meet her/him for your reasons, so go beyond your fears and hesitations. If it is someone you dreamt of, give them a little call even just to take some news from them.
But the rule N°1 is to go to the edge of the coincidence and to deeply understand the meaning of this situation in your personal life. To what state of mind does this situation bring you back to? What does it mean according to its evolvement in the real life? Who are these people you met by coincidence? What are they or what do they represent to you. What symbols do they have as far as your inner goals are concerned, etc.?
But know that since there are some notions of gathering and time in the concept of synchronicity, these moments are some vehicles to bring you back some choices and information concerning your life and future. And I say bring back because since Life is about cycles, there already were some previous related or similar situations that you missed as signs before. And following the deepness of your quest and the availability of your brain that you give to it, you might whether see more and more of them or not at all if you just don’t give to the events the mind availability that they require.
The mind availability is here very important in the deal recognizing and understanding the messages requires a very deep inner connection.   
So learn to free your mind from whatever is not connection to the nature. Take some regular time to keep anchored to your immediate environment without going further than what your body feels, sees and smells at the present moment. Remember that communicating with the nature (which makes you the gift of synchronicity) is giving it attention (the same way you would do with a person). And giving it attention is nothing but fully living the present time. ©

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