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Creating the benefic occasions and solutions

We all have been waiting for this right occasion, for the right person to meet or for the right moment to start or do things. And I guess that for those who really asked for it with intensity, the occasions and moments came. Yet, only a few may have noticed it.

Now, how does it work?

The Natural Life Process approach
In simple words, it works like composing a number in order to reach someone on the phone, and waiting for the person to answer. Depending on the situation, the person at the other edge of the line may respond in a quick or longer delay, but the fact is that there always is a response to these calls in a way or another, at least in the Natural Life Process.  

Actually, this Natural Life Process is also about balance so wherever there is a true demand, there also is an appropriate solution or answer. I am talking here about the real demands, the ones resulting from a deep requirement, transformation or awareness, and which mobilize all your inner energy and thoughts because this Natural Life Process only speaks and understands what follows a Natural process. And true intentions and requests, as well as deep emotions are among them.

But what happens with this Natural Life Process is that it only speaks in symbols. And thus, it sends the answer through symbols and signs that we do not always see, read or understand because we have not been taught to.

The scientific approach
First, understand that there is no big difference in the both approaches and that it just is a question of semantics and of point of view but the processes are exactly the same.
Now, in a scientific approach, what happens is that when you make a call or a demand for something (in this case for the right opportunities, signs or moment but this also applies for difficult choices to make and for anything else), when expressing it with intensity (the same as with the Natural Life Process), while formulating it with deepness, we send the message to our brain-computer to execute it. And depending on the deepness and intensity of the formulation, the brain-computer executes it sooner or later.
But making the brain-computer find and propose the right answer requires some ideal conditions. The first one is Time. The second one is Space, the third one is Letting go and the last one is Faith/Confidence.

Now, before explaining these ideal conditions, know that the brain (the unconscious) also speaks only in signs and symbols, this is the only way it can communicate. And the sooner you understand the signs, the better for the brain which is then released from this special mission and gets available for some other ones.

Your brain also needs a Feng Shui environment.

Giving it more concreteness and efficiency.

Now, whatever approach you feel more comfortable with, the point is about how to make it work concretely. But we will just keep it with the brain-computer as an example to make it easier.

Here is a brief explanation about the ideal situations required to get the signs we are looking for.

1-     Give it Time
Depending on the powerfulness of your brain-computer and on the complexity of the demand, the latter will requires either some seconds, minutes, hours or days to execute the order.
Concretely: once you have formulated the demands with your entire mind, heart and soul, just give it time. Do not come back over it for some while.

This process is available for absolutely anything else. Have you ever for instance forgotten something important and gotten to remember it after some while? The brain needs time to look for the right information and pressure is not serving this  process at all. Just the same way it is totally unproductive to have someone asking you every 10 mn for capital information without giving time to peacefully look for it.

2-     Give it Space
When talking about space I actually mean both geographical space AND oxygen. When you look for important information or answers, try to do it from a spacious and aerated place, or at least, manage to go and to stay outside after that.
The more oxygen gets to your brain at these moments and the easier it will find bring back solutions instead of being stuck in the mental traffic jams. 

Sometimes, depending on the situation, sincere tears are a good manner to make the solutions find their ways out. Thus, scrub the way in getting rid of the negative thoughts like fear or anguish. Furthermore, reminding yourself of some good memories, imagining some pleasant perspectives, your goals or simply appreciating the face of a cute baby or the melody of pleasant music not only is rehabilitation works for your brain, but it also brings it a satisfying work environment.
Because, it also is a question of energy and your brain needs like your house, a Feng-Shui environment.

3-     Letting go & Confidence
These two ones are brought together because they are linked since letting go only means being more confident about the things to happen. Actually, this is about Faith and not confidence, but scientific lovers do not conceive the concept of Faith since there is nothing in it that they can explain. But the fact is that letting go IS about Faith rather than about confidence.

Anyway, formulating an order to your brain is like asking your driver to take you to some place. Whether you get there on your own or you just let the driver do it since this is HIS work, he knows the ways and tricks to get there rapidly and in the safest way.

Now, when you keep on focusing on the matters for which you have asked for signs, opportunities, solutions, etc. , this is as ridiculous, unproductive and insulting as wishing to be driven somewhere and trying to drive with/for the driver. Let the person you assigned for driving the car do it his way, stop trying to handle the steering, the gear-bow or the accelerator pedal for him.
In the same way, once you have formulated your request let your brain do the rest. While formulating the quest, you transferred the charge to him. Do not try to take it back on you or he may understand that you do not need his intervention anymore. Do not force his answers as well, he knows what solutions to look for and to bring you back.

Since you have given your brain the order to drive you there, just trust him.

And this is where trust, confidence and Faith happen. Because you need a special mindset and confidence to be able to notice the signs and the proposals of solution that are placed on your way. You will never be able to do it unless you free you body, mind and soul. 

Freeing your body means letting it loose, hands and arms untied and out of the pockets, being sitted with the foot and legs totally relaxed and the face, eyes and mouth entirely eased up.

Freeing your mind, heart and soul is simply trusting your brain, having confidence in yourself, and developping the thought that each one of your request is receiving treatment (Faith).  

In a more spiritual approach, I would have simply said that is is about trusting God (or whoever divinity you feel more comfortable with), AND yourself (in valuing your brain) since this last part is also part of your work and mission in the deal.

In brief, simply learn to formulate your desires of changes from deep inside you, make a way for the coming change and just let it go. Things are on their way and Life, your brain, God or whatever dimension suits you the most, are treating your request. They are working hard on it in order to bring you in the shortest delays these adequate solutions and occasions that you are longing for. And be they presented through the means of an obsessing song that crosses your mind, unexpected people that you meet or ideas that suddenly flush out from your brain, you will immediatly see and undertand them because you have been prepared yourself to it. And this is how you will give yourself this newstart that you deserve.

And I just wish you all the best! ©

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