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Reaching the Success ingredient reserve.

 Everybody -or almost everybody- in the world was created at the outset with a stock of assets. In this logical process, we therefore are both our own warehouse and suppliers of these precious mental commodities and mindset that winners feed themselves with.
No one has neither taught us how to open our warehouse nor how to extract these useful gifts from our inner stock. It thus, is harder for a majority to draw on these precious savings of ours which we are essential to help us prepare our life race.

Question:  If no one showed us, then how do these people (which have not been told how to use it either) open their reserves themselves, take from their stocks and get what they need to go forward?

Answer 1: I do not know.

Probable answer 1: They have been distributed this “thing” apart (that some others didn’t get), and which must be called courage or intuition.

Probable answer 2: not knowing, they simply “searched” for a way. And while searching, they fell on this thing which looked like an inner warehouse.

Probable answer 3: maybe because lacking the things that other people have (money, comfort, parents, etc.), they used all the external resources that they had for their living, and while drawing again on what was left they finally explored the inner ones and heard the “toc” noise of a full reserve that they hurried to explore and to open, and which actually happened to be the success ingredients reserve.

We all need love, concern and support to build ourselves, but in some cases the lack of this precious concern is the very thing that pushes us even further to reach our life goals.

Based on these probable answers, one can easily imagine that people having all their lives everything they ever looked for, didn’t get the opportunity to draw in this inner reserve which thus is existing but useless because they never felt the utility of exploring it. I admit that again, this might be a very simplistic way of concluding things, but it has though a high percentage of truth. And this unused reserve becomes like any other unused thing, dusty, atrophied, and in some cases, rotten from the inside. And the same things happen with any other thing, food, muscles, brain, heart, soul…

This is why I fiercely recommend you to explore and use each one of your resources, especially the inner ones, in order to develop even more their capacities.

This also brings me to the very logical conclusion that the propensity to success is not a priori linked to money, fame, to position, to the social class, to the regular features of a face, to the softness of spiciness of a thigh or to any other external factor.

Run as far as you can from any person trying to convince you that the success can be acquired by these means. And as for these people pretending that they have acquired their success that way, be certain that this success will not last. Because this is not what success feeds itself with. It rather requires a desire for change, a real interest in the matter, efforts, vision, passion, tries, failures, risks taking, faith, creativity, originality…. whatever you may want, expect fame, money and beauty.
At last, here is something that allows everybody to start from a basis of equality. Or at least it should.

Our inner resources increase in value as and when of their use and utility.

And this is leading to another crucial observation about these things pushing us forward. As and when of my reflexion and observing moments, I have come to the conclusion that the two forces pushing us forward (or giving us the envy to go forward) in life usually are:

1-    Lacking someone (parents, friends, support, etc.), something crucial (chance, money, job, etc.), lacking favorable circumstances, but also lacking choices. This is what Bob Marley described in his smoky wise quote “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”.

2-    Discovering people, things, situations

Now, in respect to the Mathematic Laws of Life (which by the way are the fairest and more impartial ones of the Universe), there is nothing you lack, nothing vacuum or empty that isn’t filled in a way or another since nature abhors a vacuum and while.

We then are all placed one day, in front of some special people who have a vital role to play in our lives in a way or another. As we all confronted to essential situations and circumstances that we consciously or unconsciously called for and which are related to some conscious or unconscious life goals.
Since, without entering into esoteric, psychological and psychiatric aspects, the Unconscious is this powerful internal dimension which is made out of our deep desiderata and which, acting as a loyal faithful friend or  as a loving parent, places us is spite of us, on the way of these people and situations that actually are destined to help us build our personal story. They are only meant to boost or to awaken our desire to change and our wish to succeed.

But this faithful friend or loving parent only answers to calls and solicitations. It only executes when you give it the order to. And the only person in a position to make this call is your conscious mind. In other words, this person is YOU. ©

Extract of "La route des Sommets est celle du Bon Sens", Cornélia ANDRIAMASY R. (under publication).

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