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It only works out right when it comes from the inside.

This may already sound obvious for some, but it may not necessarily be the case for a majority of us. Often, words and quotes like “growing up inside”, “opening to oneself”, “developing self-consciousness” or “it needs to come from you”, may sound beautiful and full of wisdom when we hear them, but we do not necessarily clearly get their deep meaning. And there are a thousand other similar words, situations and advises that only make sense when we have gone through situations and changes that give them all their meaning.

In this same purpose, you may give people a million advises about how to bring positive change in their lives, about how to succeed one’s life, or about how to reach a certain success, and send then a thousand email every week about it, it will have no particular effect unless it meets a curiosity for the matter, an increased interest for the subject, a phase of observation, a self questioning period, a desire to try…  of course, this kind of guidance will never be useless because the words and advises given will anyway have made their ways to the a part of the brain, but it will require a more accurate period of time.

This actually is an inner process of self-evolution (or self-development) which takes time, energy and most of all which takes a serious willingness for change. It thus needs to come from the inside for many reasons, but here are three most obvious ones.
  1. It works out only when it comes from the inside.
  2. When it comes from the inside, you know better what you are talking about.
  3. Outside interventions have a cost.

When we initiate our own change, there is a sort of chemical reaction preparing our entire being to this change that we are looking for.

1. It works out only when it comes from the inside.

The Natural Life Process is made out of common sense. And it has given human beings the ability to ask for some questions and the same ability to bring it the accurate answer and solutions.
For instance, if you do not feel hungry, you will not see the necessity of feeding yourself no matter how loud or how often people would tell you to. Only you can measure the importance of your need, your capacity, and only you are able to satisfy yourself your own needs regardless of what others do, think or say. Your Needs, Your Means, Your Solutions, Your Rhythm and at Your own Level!

What happens is that though we don’t realize it, or though we can’t not name it precisely, there actually are some permanent ongoing reactions in our body, minds and souls.
When we are we initiate the change we are looking for, the process is “natural” and thus, more efficient. There is a sort of chemical reaction inside us that prepares us to it. Just like when our salivary glands condition our mouth to eat lemon when we see one.

When we realize the need of change in our lives, and when consciously ask for it, there are some energy gates opening inside us, allowing the energy to flow and to proceed with the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation required.

 2. When it comes from the inside, you know better what you are talking about. 

I know a lot of people talking with sounding words about life, change, inner change, self achievement, etc. in impressive ways. And yet their entire life and mindset seem in complete contradiction with what they say. This contradiction is felt in a way or another and it kills credibility. Whatever you background or your expertise, people will trust you when they feel that you know what you are talking about, and they won’t if your only knowledge of the subject are some quotes or words overheard somewhere.
Remember how comforting it is to discuss with someone who had faced the same situation that we are in.

Furthermore when you go through inner transformations that you have called for, you are not just quoting people or repeating some phrases, you are able to answer any question about the transformation process, you are in a position to value your experience.

We have everything perfectly organized inside us: questions but also answers and solutions.

3. Outside interventions have a cost.

Remember that outside interventions always have a cost, and I am not necessarily talking about money. But whatever is required from the outside when you can do it with your own means, will sooner or later fall back on you.

Now, I agree that we do not all have the capacity to re-design a house or to re-design our inner organization, mindset and habits on our own. That is where we all do need a little help sometimes.

But the fact is that when you are waiting for “things to occur” instead of leading yourself the required changes in your life, then these outside “things” WILL happen, but you will have to pay its cost.  

I remember how hard and how long I wished to have the opportunity to run my own business and to do something that would really thrill me out in an extraordinary way. But -as it is often the case for a majority of people-, the mental laziness took it over for some times, making me find a billion excuses for not proceeding to the change that I was looking for. I wanted a change but I wasn’t really ready to push it on my own. I wanted “things and circumstances” to give me a kick or to do it for me. Believe me, they DID! And in a rather hard way! I told myself that I have not been looking for the right opportunities and solutions hard enough, or maybe have I just been dumb to the signs that Life sent me. But the fact is that I finally found out the change I looked for, ONLY after Life had shaken me up in a rather tough way.

It is not just a myth or a quote, it is a reality: the answers to our questions actually all are inside us.

The Natural Life Process is such that the questions, desires, wishes that we emit with sincerity, authenticity and curiosity, HAVE their immediate answers and solutions inside us. The way we have our own genes, we have our own life questions, and our own answers to it. The fact is that we often have questions, wishes, desires, but we always expect others to give it answers and satisfaction instead of trying to answer it or to find it out by our own. We undervalue our real inner capacities and in doing so, we do not give ourselves the opportunity to make things work out naturally (means extraordinarily). Because this Natural Life Process is like a giant universal machine that never leaves a command unexecuted. But unlike machines, when the execution is not given consideration, you receive a reminder over and over again, and it becomes more and more intense over time… until it becomes unbearable.

I admit that the rude period of my life rather brought me some good results that I can be proud of, and I believe that the best things in our lives actually happen after the toughest ones.
But I wouldn’t call for such hard times though. And I would suggest you not wait for it either.

There always are some ways to manage situations differently and to get good results in the softest ways. The first one is when we make the change come from the inside. Its helps us understand the life’s lessons by our own without facing the hard side of it. ©

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